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Baby Ganoush

We tend to steer clear from the grey sponge that is eggplant, mostly because we think the freaky veggie is unusually over-represented in the vegetarian recipes written by most meat eaters. They’re one step away from a portabella mushroom. Which … Continue reading

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Zukanna Bread

By Meagan Yellott There’s no better way to complete a weekend than to fill your home-zone full to the brim with the sweet, spicy smells of baking zucchini bread. It caps off that feeling of creative accomplishment, makes the perfect … Continue reading

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Extra Special and Bitter

Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut Down Ale It probably wasn’t until late in high school that we really, truly grasped the concept of a paradox — the most famous of which may be the lie paradox popularly coined as “this sentence … Continue reading

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Red Carpet Wine

Our sixth shout-out in a series of shout-outs to standout beer collections in the city of Los Angeles. And next stop on the Great L.A. Beer Run, slated to take place sometime in the next couple weeks. If you’re not … Continue reading

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“SFW” Red Chile

This recipe is safe for work. Every Friday, Evan’s co-workers take turns bringing a breakfast spread. We have a list on a bulletin board and an email system whereby you’re reminded kindly that it’s your week. Also, you are given … Continue reading

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The old-school Romans made the simple pasta dish, carbonara, with three main ingredients: freshly milled black pepper, un-smoked baby pig’s cheek and raw egg. We love black pepper, but thought we’d do without the baby pig. We also forewent the … Continue reading

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HK in Portland: The Brunch Recipes

At the risk of over reminiscing, suffice it to say that we do brunch a lot (a lot) and rarely does it turn out as picture perfect as the recent Urban Honking feast in Portland two weeks ago. Diners ranged … Continue reading

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Bobby Beers’ Bloody Mary

by Aubrey “Bobby Beers” White A good Bloody Mary is hard to come by. Bartenders will begrudgingly mix you a shitty concoction of Mary-mix and vodka, glaring at you when you skimp on the tip. I’ve even been refused a … Continue reading

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Spring Blaze 2007: HK in Portland

Spring is essential; you gotta get refreshed, reborn. But because the seasons have been unnaturally fucked in Los Angeles, where the city’s been burning, it’s been hard to do here. So, last weekend we decided to celebrate the rites of … Continue reading

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Wine House

By Guest Knife Mike Meanstreetz This beer poem is the fourth installment of our on-going love letter to the best booze aisles in L.A. With the extended Hot Knives crew still recovering from a mad dash up to Portland this … Continue reading

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