Hot Dawgz!

Tofu Pups suck. Smart Dogs are stupid. With the grill season upon us, those of you suckers for smoke and char are probably wondering to yourself, “How do I make a sweet ass vegan hot dog?” Glad you asked.
A killer dawg (one that can trick a carnivore, cuz really that’s the best litmus test) hinges on three things: good sauce, good heat, good brand of dog. With that in mind, listed below is the kind of dog we have been serving up every Sunday at the Little Radio Summer Camp cafeteria stand. We’ll be setting up shop for one more week, this Sunday, June 24. But if you miss it, take comfort in the fact that you can recreate it all with your computer and a propane grill (we do not recommend buying a lemon from Home Depot because its half-price).
Speaking of which, massive props to the sweeties in Asuza who flickr-cooked our seitan recipe and on the same day it was posted!

Hot Dawgz!

4 Yves brand jumbo vegan dogs
1 quart pale ale
4 Van de Kamp buns
1 cup sauerkraut
2 jalapeños
whole grain mustard
“special sauce”
1. Fire up your propane grill.
2. Slice jalapeños lengthwise and add to your sauerkraut. Prepare “special sauce”
3. In a large bowl, soak the hot dogs in your pale ale. Let sit for at least 20 minutes. (By boozing up your hot dogs, you will incur much more flame from the grill, meaning the dogs will blister and pop more like meat.) When choosing a beer, go for something mildly hoppy and a little bitter: Anderson Valley’s Poleeko Gold would work well).
4. Remove dogs and slice lengthwise without actually cutting dogs in half. Brush with extra virgin olive oil and place on grill with tongs, making sure dog is diagonal on the grill bars rather than perpendicular (makes for better grill marks).
5. Roll dogs around, hitting each side for about a minute. On the last turn throw the bun onto the grill. Assemble and sauce. Top with sauerkraut and/or onions. Eat in a bikini.
Beverage: White Trash Mimosa (Miller High Life and Sunny Delight)
Soundtrack: Live’s “Lightning Crashes” (long story)

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6 Responses to Hot Dawgz!

  1. jude says:

    You guys should try these:
    the italian ones are fantastic.
    I will try the beer soak….

  2. EVAN says:

    They’re tasty. But not as juicy, too dry to put in a bun sometimes. Its like eating bread on bread. But we haven’t had the beer brats. Worth trying?

  3. Clayton says:

    Thank You!
    I have been hating not dogs for so long but eating them anyway.
    btw – Have you ever tried a white trash corona – miller high life (lite is just as good) in a bottle with a lime. There is no difference. Huge in Ithaca, NY!

  4. jude says:

    yes, the tofurkey sausages tend to get dry if you grill them. I usually fry them up with a little olive oil before grilling. I like them in pasta as well (w/sundried tomatoes)…. it might help to use the beer soaking technique though. faux – meat dogz have a harder time because they lack animal fat…. adding some moisture definitely helps….

  5. Matthew says:

    I am attesting. To the belief. I am the specimen, demographic. I have witnessed this glory. I never even liked hot dogz. But Vegan DOGZ so legit. Bring it. The sour kraut and jalapenos!

  6. Jordan says:

    These are delicious and I’ve made them a couple times now. Thanks for taking a seemingly simple “dish” and taking it to another level.

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