Whiskey Popsicles

What with the upcoming La Grand Crew beer and bicycle outing, and now this recipe, it’s shaping up to be unofficial ‘Beverage Week’ here at Hot Knives. Considering it’s the dregs of summer we’re fine with that.
A few days ago we set upon making a 4-course salad dinner for friends that we firmly insisted was to be strictly eating only: no photos, no blogging. Sometimes you just have to take a vacation right? Well, since we’re mildly OCD when it comes to sharing food and booze tricks, we found a loophole and stuck a quick liquid dessert in the freezer. The mix of sour cherry juice, vermouth, bourbon and fresh mint comprises all the ingredients for a traditional Manhattan. When dinner was over we had a popsicle tray of frozen cocktail popsicles (cocksicles!) waiting for us. The result? Tongue-numbing flavor crystals.
Now, the original Manhattan (invented for a New York party thrown for Winston Churchill’s mummy in the late 1890s) hinges on rye whiskey, its less sweet and more mild. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any Rittenhouse rye on hand, so we deigned to use Knob Creek bourbon. Not advised.

Manhattan Popsicles

1 tsp. sweet vermouth
3 Tbs. sour cherry juice concentrate
2 dashes Angostura bitters
2 shots Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey
1 mint leaf
1. Take your popsicle tray, remove the stick lids. Add the vermouth to each insert and swirl. Then measure out the juice and bitters, add it and throw in a mint leaf. Return the stick-lids to the tray, should be dipping into the mixture. Stick tray in freezer for at least 2 hours.
2. Once completely frozen, simply run water over tray and pop out the popsicles. Pour a tumbler of whiskey (at room temperature) and place one popsicle in cup, as if it’s a large ice cube. Garnish with one more mint leaf and sip.

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  1. adam braid says:

    are you gay? i mean, i’m just asking cause i think i’ve fallen love with both of you!! you guys are awesome– i love your sensibility. i’m a heavy cooker and drinker myself and appreciate those who find the gusto for it, too! i don’t cook with meat, but i love my cheese and won’t give it up. i am going to try the whiskey pops.

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