Mannequin Piss

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Meyer lemons, orange zest, grapefruit flesh. Naw, those aren’t the fruit slices we recommend dangling on the rim of this Belgian wit bier – they’re already deep down in there. That triumverate citrus haze of Blanche de Bruxelles makes it a perfect spr-ummer beer, for those confounding weeks where spring starts acting like summer, and all you want to do is porch-it with a beverage. But if you feel the absolute urge to add fruit, just rub a sliced kumquat around the rim and let it sink to the bottom, it’s small and subtle enough.
This cute Belgian bottle pours with a 2-inch head of wispy wit latte foam atop an opaque yellow beer the color of emulsified orange juice and oil. On the first whiff, it’s all Parisian preserved lemon tarte tatin straight out of the oven, with a little steam rising off the buttered crust giving off a kiss of coriander and cinnamon. Hefewiezen fans will recognize everything they love in Franziskaner, but without the heavy plantain-clove kick. It’s a small thing, but makes all the difference, akin to drinking a pint of fresh hefe at a countryside monastery poured by a German monk as opposed to in a plastic cup on a crowded goth club patio that reeks of clove cig smoke. Though it lacks the kind of hard-ass carbonation that makes a beer look like it is reaching a boil in the bottom of the mug, this brew bubbles in a way that kicks up a mist on the tongue. Like well water. Like an eternal spring. Like a brie, butter and banana egg cream soda.. Better yet, like the picture that adorns its bottle: the pure, golden piss of a giggling baby-god.

Dairy Pairy:
Sbrinz, a 36-month aged cows milk from Switzerland.
Soundtrack: The Heptone’s “Cool Rasta”

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