Haps Thanks: A Last Minute Primer

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Panic!! You’re off from work/school. Brother/mom/in-laws are coming into town tonight. The lines at your local, thieving Whole Foods are curling closer to the juice station every minute you procrastinate. Stage fright!
This year, we too felt brief, unexpected pangs of indecision. Not because we don’t like fantasizing about food, but because we get so stoked we start obsessing. What do you cook when you don’t want to recreate past meals, but you can’t bring yourself to abandon key vibes like sage and tubers, pumpkin pie? What do you cook when you don’t want to be bound by tradition, but you swear by seasonal sauteing? Plus, we tend to draw a line at deconstructing T-day favorites (think heavy cream poached french fries with mushroom gravy dipping sauce, [ok… that sounds pretty good]).

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Actually, this year we patented a new word game designed to come up with quasi-crazy dishes for us using the magic of unlikely pairing. It’s simple and requires a pencil and paper. Make a list of all the types of dishes you want on the table (salad, bread, pie, mash, stuffing, gravy, sauce, you get the notion). Then make a second list of the most basic, key ingredients you know you wanna chow on (mushrooms, yams, cranberries, fennel, pears, pecans, whatever) Now comes the action: write this out on tiny tabs and stick ’em in a cornacopia, pilgrim hat or giant sack. Pick two out and voila! You’re making a pecan loaf, fennel stuffing, cranberry mash, mushroom sauce, pear pie and yam salad).
And if that’s too conceptual or potentially icky for ya, here’s another idea! This is after all our third year of hosting Thanksgivings on the web, maybe take a note from previous some Hot Knives menus. Just cuz we ate this stuff last year does’t mean it’s not new to you.

Old Faves & Archived Legends!
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