Silver Bullet

Type Silver Bullet into your favorite search engine and (awesomely enough) it takes more than a few pages of vibrators, monster fighting advice, and Healthcare freak-outs to get to the Coors website.
While the old dogs at Bubble and Fizz somehow haven’t managed to bend the internet to capitalize on perhaps the catchiest of beer nicknames, they have created a pretty sweet can. Innovation of the country’s biggest baddest low calorie macro-brew has taken to the certification of optimal drinking temperature–something to keep in mind when consuming such specific ale–via a color changing can.
While the idea of can design based on a reverse facsimile of our favorite tee shirt from yesteryear; it seems pretty silly to reinvent the wheel for such a square beer.
The Can Revolution bears better fruits closer to the coast. Uncommon Brewers, based in Santa Cruz, does not have cans that change color when cold, and while their can design is pretty slick, what’s inside is the point of sale.
Siamese Twin Ale, a current guzzling fave, coalesces the Belgian tradition of brewing with spices and the base elements of an awesome Thai curry by adding kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass to the wort while brewing. The sweeter flavors of a high alcohol ale, bolstered by the hints of citrus and spice result in a dubbel unlike any other we’ve ever tasted. Whatever weight this beer actually has gives way quickly to brevity and buoyancy; both dangerous characteristics for a 16 oz can of 8.5%.
As the can claims, this beer is both unpasteurized and unfiltered, which explains its cellaring potential (aged cans?!) as well as the strange sedimet that slicks your glass after the last sips. There is a definitive taste of culture (bacterial) that develops as the beer warms from frigid to tepid, refreshing to funky.
With beers like this there can be no truncation of temperature, no optimal phase where color coded neo-aluminium determines drinking. Open it ice cold, and let it mature in your glass if you can’t stand to let it sit for half a year.
This Silver Bullet might not get you off or solve the healthcare problem, but it just might help you fight some monsters.
Dairy Pairy: Caruchon–a brine washed brick of ewe’s milk.
Soundtrack: Fela Kuti’s “Gentleman”

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3 Responses to Silver Bullet

  1. Joseph says:

    I did enjoy the 4 pack I recently purchased of this, however the carbonation levels were off the chart. In three days one cans top bubbled to the point of bursting and another lost it’s seal and started leaking. The two i did manage to open took 10 minutes to pour because of the foam.
    That being said, I did also recently enjoy their baltic porter at a beer festival in northern california.

  2. Carrie says:

    I want it! Where can I purchase this in LA?

  3. alex says:

    Joseph; not had thes guys pop so hard…bummer. That baltic porter has evaded us.
    Carrie; Nicoles Gourmet, Red Carpet Liqour, and prolly rocknroll 7-11 are all stocking this guy.

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