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In the six years since starting Hot Knives, the conduits of our medium have been many: internet (duh), video, independent newspapers, radio, catering, hanging out, bike rides, beer tastings and various other bamboozley boons. Its time to add another notch to the gun.
We bring you “Greatest Sips.” Our first fully-fledged book containing 21 of our favorite pieces of beer writing in the history of our blogging, and drinking, careers. Printed one at a time by our friends up north at Publication Studios, this book-length zine comes with a radical Hot Knives bookmark and a secret URL where you can hear songs to go with each of these beers! Courtesy of our rad partners at State’s Rights Records!
Would Be Hater: “But wait… Can’t I just look at past entries and save my hard earned cash amid the crumbling of modern capitalism?”
Us: “Yawn.”
No no no people, don’t debase yourself with the ideology of the now ubiquitous free downloader. This is the chance to have and hold our deranged beer writing – think Sufi love poems meet druggy brain farts – in your hands, whether on the toilet or curled up in bed. Rip off our cheese pairings. Give it to your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day (bros are easy). Just remember that the fate of the printed word, while easily replicated and distributed in cyberspace via clicks and drags, is a precious commodity; its physical reproduction a potentially dying art.
For years, we’ve been your humble guides in a world of bubbles and foam, bitterness and darkness. Now we can reside tactilely in your pocket or satchel on trips to bars and beer stores! When you reach the limits of your 3G network, or when you drop your phone in the ocean! Inspirational beer prose and wholly legit beer-and-cheese pairings at the flip of a page?
We’re the App for that!
Greatest Sips” can be purchased here at

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12 Responses to Check Out Our Beer Book

  1. Heidi says:

    I love things you can hold! Hooray books!

  2. ali&evan says:

    This is FANTASTIC news. We shall spread it. Congrats!

  3. EVAN says:

    Thanks friends. If you’d like to preview the book before purchase, or get a cheaper PDF version to save paper, Publication Studio’s got it all!

  4. Lorax says:

    Hmmmm, I’m having trouble with the link. And this book is boyfriend gold. Help?

  5. EVAN says:

    Hmm. News to us! Seems like their website is down. And it was fine just yesterday. So we’ll find out and let you know ASAP. Gold!

  6. quarrygirl says:

    i am ordering this the SECOND i get home! can’t wait. love the tape design btw.
    Commented from my iPhone

  7. EVAN says:

    Just got word that their website is back up, just a brief server issue. Sorry for any snags!

  8. arty ales says:


  9. EVAN says:

    Kevin… We’ve thought deep and hard and still have no clue what “green hell” means in this context. What’s up bro?

  10. arty ales says:

    You Misfits, I was tossing you props on your choice of soundtrack.

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