Beer Alchemy: How We Pair

About five years ago—on April 5, 2006—we told you how to make a psychotropic pizza then dictated it must be paired with a pint of Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter and Jefferson Airplane’s “Surrealistic Pillow” album. Was that the first time a food web log suggested that one dish, a certain beer and a particular vinyl L.P. be consumed together? Maybe not…but maybe so.

Although it’s now a ubiquitous online pastime, pairing music with our culinary conquests seemed, at the time, a weird, funny, and a little show-offy, but nonetheless helpful service we could offer anyone hunting for ideas. Even if not the first, it’s certainly possible we were just one of a handful of bloggers that came up with this idea in our sous vide vacuum; a convergent evolution sorta thing. It’s a relatively obvious concept, after all, just a flighty fun twist on pairings, right?

Actually, no. The bottom line is that those other nerds are doing this all wrong. Wrong. Wrong . Hahahaha. Ahhhhhhhhh, so wrong. It’s not their taste in music or even that they’re “big cabs” and “oaky chardonnays” blow. It’s that they’re under the impression this is some sort of artistic expression.

This is science. This is not for amateurs. We take this very seriously. We have methods.

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4 Responses to Beer Alchemy: How We Pair

  1. Claire Evans says:

    Well THAT’S just about the best video you’ve ever made!

  2. stayseeA says:

    yay for science! and indulgence!

  3. Emily Kovach says:

    fuck yes! CAT SELECTOR!

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