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So, we’re writing a cookbook (if you missed our recent post entitled “We’re writing a cookbook”) and like anything else on this blog, how could we possible undertake such an important, mind-fuck of an endeavor without getting some feedback from our online friends? We would never EVER. So we sent out some inter-office envelopes through the U.S. Postal Service, and an email to special dudes in other parts of the world, and the feedback is coming back! We’ve gotten long emails, video responses and even long phone calls. Everything from grammar corrections to reminders that not everyone can find Westvletteren 12 for their beer pairing (not that we’d ever change that). Check out below the first round of recipe testers for “Salad Daze.” Thanks dudes.

Portobello Poutine
Testers: Mike and Curt Merrill
Location: Atlanta, GA
Beer pairing: Unibrou Maudite
Soundtrack: Leonard Cohen, “The Future”

Comments: “The recipe was broken into three parts and I was worried about it being complicated, but it turned out that the shopping was the hardest part. Also it helped that I mostly drank the leftover sherry and Curt did most of the cooking.”

Belgian Onion Soup
Tester: Molly Rodgveller
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Blog: I Know, Right?
Beer pairing: De Proef, Flemish Primitive Wild Ale
Soundtrack: Metal Urbaine, Hysterie Connective

Comments: “I had to add like 2 extra cups of water to the soup to make it into soup rather than sauce… I’d say you could serve 8 with it as a starter or 6 as a meal. Soup was ab fab. liquid gold. Out of curiosity, which De Proef did you drink with it? I am not far from Lochristi, where they make it, and I wouldn’t mind going and checking the place out. As an aside, I went to the brewery of the gueuze that I brought back for you guys the other day and picked up 9 750ml bottles for 22 bucks (3 gueuze, 3 kriek, 3 faro). I’m storing them in the cellar for summer. But the awesome thing is, they sell a 5 liter bag in a box of fresh lambic for 20 euros. I know, right?”

Magic Shroom Dust
Testers: the dudes at QuarryGirl
Location: West L.A.
Beer pairing: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
Soundtrack: Umberto, “Someone Chasing Someone Through a House”

Comments: “The whole dish was ridiculously easy to prepare, although through the entire process we failed to see how the thing could possible be bacon-esque. I mean, mushrooms and PUMPKIN SEEDS were the base? Half-way through the preparation we began to wonder if Evan and Alex had been doing a bit of real ‘shroom dust themselves… VOILA! A crunchy, bacony surprise waited for us right there in the pan. It was brown, crispy and perfectly tasty. In fact, we started to eat right away straight from the pan… there seems no end to the versatility of the Shroom Dust – it really is magic!”

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  1. quarrygirl says:

    i am counting the days until this cookbook comes out. i agree with mike, that shopping was the hardest part of the testing process. we had to go to two stores to find what we needed, but the actual cooking bit was a breeze. i guess that’s what happens when a recipe demands top notch ingredients.

    anyways, i’m looking forward to broadening my horizons with salad daze—your recipes are insanely tasty. hk forevah!

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