Cookbook Cutout #9

You’re staring down the rabbit hole of our “Psycedelic Rice” recipe. Just know that this photo is nowhere near as trippy as the one that made the cut, but you see where it’s going…

You will “tie-dye” your roasted beets and make a gremalata out of kiwi and habaneros. The Romanesco broc floret garnish is for fractal effect and farty flavor notes. The purple flowering kale is for its vaginal appeal. Eat with your hands. Exercise your mind…

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2 Responses to Cookbook Cutout #9

  1. aubrey says:

    Its vaginal appeal? Really guys? Kale in a whole new light…If only Georgia O’Keefe has seen its potential.

  2. Suzanne says:

    am in love…with this rice dish…but we live in a limited assortment country…Norway…so I substituted the kiwi with some fantastic local strawberries and used regular broccoli as the local farmers have not discovered romanesco…and for nuts I had some organic pecans on hand (thanks to my sweet mother that sends me a couple bags every year from my cousin’s farm in the lower regions of Texas) and some sliced almonds…it worked for me..the glory in this recipe comes from that little kick of habanero…sublime.

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