Sick, eat porridge

You’re sick again? Us too! We’re pretty sure it’s an avian death bug, which the science blogs tell us has been carried from birds to humans through ferrets.

We feed colds and we feed the flu, doctors can go fuck themselves. The question is only what exactly to eat? Besides KniQuil.

Besides the obvious, “essential nutrients,” proteins and vitamin B, we swear by “fermented things.” So, like, wine, beer, bread kimchi and mold. But obviously if you feel like we feel right now, chugging wine followed by a baguette is not an option.

This week, we turned to miso. Yes, delicious rice mold. Live active cultures in the form of sweet soothing soup. Our friend Claire gave us an idea when she HeyTell’d us that she was eating eggplant soup with miso: Yeah, why not suspend the goodness of miso floaters in a roasted puree so that it can’t escape your spoon! Miso can be frustrating what with its slithery tendency to clump and plummet to the bottom of your bowl like a school of minnows. This solves that.

Quick Fix: Eggplant-Miso Porridge
Start by making broth, adding miso paste to hot water (several heaping tablespoons for about 2 quarts of water) and let it steep. Braise 4-5 small Japanese eggplants in a deep pot on the stove with some oil and additional miso paste (or miso butter… its insane). Let ‘em sear for a couple minutes then add a handful of purple cabbage leaves, some ginger, garlic, chiles and top with about half a cup of your broth, cover and simmer until eggplants are falling apart. Fish ‘em out and pulse the eggplants with as much remaining miso broth as will safely fit in your blender. Then return this eggplant-miso puree to your pot with the braised goodness, add salt or tamari. Stir and return to heat. Toss in half a cup of white rice and cook until the rice is done. If you ate it now, it’d just be soup. Wait an hour and reheat, you have a sludgy glutinous porridge. Serve with extra chiles, scallions, cock sauce, whatever else.

Beverage: Hitachino Nest Celebration Ale
Soundtrack: Psychic TV’s “Just Like Arcadia”

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  1. rch says:

    I know it’s better than a bottle and a baguette, but this method kills the miso… you may as well have just skipped it and added heaps of salt. The tastiest, and most healthful, method is to add the paste into the broth when it is at an ingestible temperature, directly before eating it.

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