The Hot Knives Market Bag

Hot Knives Market Bag from Hot Knivez on Vimeo.

We have an announcement to trumpet: We built a farmers market bag and it is nearing production! Why all the fanfare? This is hardly just some tote bag we slapped a logo on in a commercial act of branding. This bag is a game changer. (And may just be our biggest contribution yet to the experiment of civilization.)

Decay. Damage. Discomfort. Quel Dommage.

The simple truth of the green lifestyle is that your farmer’s market bags suck. They are weak. They are filthy. They lack aesthetic and are flimsy. They grow, like a forgotten fungus, in the corners of your pantry and the trunk of your car – a seething, unsightly mass of cheap canvas and stained nylon. To that end, we’ve bent time and space to circumvent fate – all time is now: The Hot Knives Market Bag is made real.

Over the last few months, we’ve studied the pitfalls of outdoor shopping, and the features that help people shop, cook and live better. We’ve designed the finest farmers market bag in the known universe. And we’ve located a small business, that can stitch them entirely by hand in the USA. Made from sturdy, recycled, bike-messenger-tough nylon and lined with hose-down-able vinyl lining in HK Pink, this is not another Chico. Custom tested pockets separate your herbs from your greens, and the stands-on-its-own structure allows for logistical feats you thought unthinkable with your nasty Trader Joe’s sacks. Recoup all those wasted seconds of searching every pocket on your person with the life-saving and ergonomic outer-wallet, you’ll never misplace that shopping list again!

So here’s the deal, the ultimate farmers market bag will be available online here in a matter of weeks. Check back! Make room for it now wherever your knotty twists of crappy canvas are stored. This is a labor of love for us. We Do you want one? Do you want two? Will you buy one for your parents? We want to help them!

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3 Responses to The Hot Knives Market Bag

  1. meredith says:

    Nice! What will they cost? The *real* game-changer would’ve been (a.) showing off the interior so we could SEE those pockets that “separate your herbs from your greens” and (b.) a (removable?) insulated section — here in Chicago, Logan Sq. farmer’s mkt is wonderful but all meat is frozen, and so is one farmer-lady’s mind-blowing cilantro pesto. On days like the past week (95-105 degrees F), that’s no luxury, it’s a requirement.

    • Hot Knives says:

      Detachable insulated pouch is an interesting idea, The Global Warning Cold Pouch!

      As for seeing more, on the inside, hold tight! It’s all happening.

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  2. Frederic says:

    When da bag droppin? Iz wun dis shite!

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