‘Spring Blaze’ Rising

As the final spurts of a nationwide heat wave jerk to a close and the Grand Old Party’s party spoiler dissipates into overdue drinks for parched mid-west plains, another summer slumps its way into limbo. There’s a gap, you see, between August and October, known to us as September. Its a thirty day-long opportunity to contemplate BBQ’s past, the beer gardens that got away, the beer crawls that didn’t, a ripping Halloween costume on the horizon, in the future … THE FUTURE!

Our Future, firmly rooted in the past (as all good futures should be) sees our second cookbook ready for the printers!!! Last summer, we partnered with our exclusive designer Jen Wick and our friend and venerable dead-eye Aaron Farley to shoot our second opus, Spring Blaze, a seasonal slam dunk follow-up to our fall/winter joint Salad Daze: The Hot Knives Vegetarian Cookbook. (You bought it right? No? Well…do it!) We’re finally feeling share-y about the new book, so here’s some show ‘n tell.

Spring Blaze was literally conceived and created by fire – and parties – in this cyclical zeitgeist of the warmer months of the year, when hanging out and getting drunk in the sun is a sincere priority. This is our tome dedicated to the ideology of the cookout and all its disciples: the pool party, the backpack picnic, dessert spreads, group huddles on curbs over paper plates of tacos. Barbecues.

A precious few of you may be conceivably confused at this announcement. “Didn’t I order Spring Blaze on amazon-dot-com like a year ago? Didn’t my order get cancelled? Is this a pyramid scheme?” (Yes, yes, and no. Make sure the Internet has refunded you.) These questions are important and YOU are important for asking them, but the details are pretty boring, so lets ignore them together! Let it suffice to say that publishing details have changed and we’re close to finding a new home for this rum-soaked manuscript. What’s more critical, whats essential is that this book will be in your hot little hands in time to destroy any potluck that the warmer parts of 2013 throw at you!

Behold below: Teasers shots. Word chasers. This party haiku encyclopedia will be out soon. Happy fall, let’s start looking forward to spring!

Summer squash salad with epazote.

fresh summer squashes
what the hell is epazote?
that day we were drunk

“Ambient nachos.”

Ambient Nachos
a slothen decent into goo
pretty girls dig in

Mushroom ceviche and jackfruit carnitas tacos.

raw mushrooms and lime
your new favorite chip abuse
the streets rejoiced

Coconut-seitan banh mi with fresh plum hoisin.

true road sandwiches
fueled by our own gatorade
party in waterfall

Grilled tomato for salsa.

smokey dripping orb
we will destroy you again
tacos above all else

Peach-barbecue jackfruit hoagie with pickles.

barbecue beer party
what in the world rules harder?
more sandwiches (you say)

Pies, pop-tarts and tartlets filled with booze fillings.

apricots, mezcal
manhattans in pie form. What?
sugar high, brain bomb.

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  1. Emily says:

    just when i thought you fools couldn’t kill it any harder. THEN YOU DO.

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