A White Christmas in LA

Attention colleagues. This year’s holiday party will be held at Eagle Rock Brewery and attendance is mandatory. The CEO has done away with the raffle prizes, but refreshments will be served. Because nothing says Baby Jesus like a congregation of obsessive taste-seekers whipped-up into a feeding frenzy for five weird beers and five freaky-deeky cheeses. This is the first co-ed beer tasting event at the brewery known for its infamous women’s forum. Come all ye faithful. The theme? White beers.

Among the suds: We’ll knock back a German salt beer, a hometown hero, a Quebec strong ale, a one-time-only-inner-sanctum-nerd-alert Wheat Wine… and some IPA…

In the cheese department: a tit-shaped goat goo, a mixed-milk butter bomb, some hard-assed mountain tack, Eagle Rock’s Alpine doppelganger, and a blue stinker named after a revolutionary war supply line…

Thursday, December 13
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Eagle Rock Brewery
3056 Roswell St.
Los Angeles CA, 90065

Go here for details and to reserve a space by the water cooler!

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