‘Lust For Leaf’ Out in June

Photos by Aaron Farley

Photos by Aaron Farley

WHAT: “Lust For Leaf,” the cookbook formerly known as “Spring Blaze.” 70 + vegetarian and vegan recipes spread out over 128 explosive pages. This is the only cookbook you’ll find with chapters called “Bro-tein” and “BBQ Mosh Pit,” or filled with recipes for DIY Wieners and Patties, Sauce-y Explosions, Salsas that Hurt, Deep Sea Mushrooms, and Nachos that Cook Themselves. And don’t forget dessert: try Hand-Cranked Cream Dreams and Booze You Can Eat. Hot Knives bring you vegetarianism with a new set of rules: “Enjoy your food, but party harder.Eat everything with your hands. Drink booze and fruit, not water. Make all of your junk food yourself. Cook at least half of everything you eat on an open fire. Switch to uppers, if possible.”

WHO: Food-blogging duo Alex Brown and Evan George — better known as Hot Knives — have shown their readers that vegetarians are “cheeky [and] over-the-top” too and “don’t much care for established notions of propriety” (LA Weekly). Photographs by Aaron Farley. Design by Jen Wick Studio. Published by Da Capo.

WHERE: Now officially available for PRE-ORDER HERE

WHEN: Hits book shelves every where in June.

HOW: The only cookbook ever shot in real time at food parties on the streets and backyards and bars of Los Angeles, California.

WHY: Why not?

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  1. Claire says:


  2. Lena says:

    Made my pre-order few minutes ago. I just need an exemplar of your lovely bag then, so please bring it to Germany. (:

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