Best Food Blog? Vote Yes!

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Photo: Los Angeles Times

The two of us are excited and grateful to be nominated by our local rag LA Weekly in their Annual Web Awards. Hot Knives is up for Best Food Blog!

Let’s take a minute to remember 2013 so far…

We researched the “perfect vegan mac n’ cheese” and then we created it (we heard lotsa feedback from many of you who made it so we know it was a hit).

We taught you everything you need to know about making fresh nut milks and even what cocktails to make with them, thanks to our contributor Lake Sharp.

We drank our entire beer cave after stocking up for years.

We found a way to smoke pesto.

And when we won that vegan chili competition in winter, we dutifully gave you the recipe! All 300 steps of it… Oh and and we found time to put out a cookbook. So in summary, 2013 has been a pretty good year so far. We may go so far as to say the best year since 2005 when we started blogging here. That’s long enough we think we deserve a medal. So show some love!

—————–> CLICK HERE TO VOTE <------------------ Today is the last day to vote. You don’t have to be in Los Angeles for your vote to count so click on the link above and vote for Hot Knives! We need your help to represent vegan/vegetarian food ideas on the Inter-place-sphere.

Thanks guys!
May your summer be lusty

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  1. Hot Knives says:

    UPDATE: Polls are closed, thanks to everyone who clicked and voted! The results should be out sometime next month, we’ll keep you posted. Either way, we all win.

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