About Hot Knives

Hot Knives is Evan George and Alex Brown.

We are former line cooks who believe in the purity of produce and the goodness of vegetables. We are cheese mongers, beer bloggers, farmers market fans and food journalists. We hate weak sauces. You can reach us at hotknivez@gmail.com

3 Responses to About Hot Knives

  1. Chef Tony says:

    Hello boys,

    I’m organizing a Vegan Cinco de Mayo event with Verdugo…

    Not that I have devil threesome dreams with you two, but if you wanna join a hot latin chef for this event, or any other time, lemme know… ;)

    Chef Tony of ChicaVegan.com

  2. Sally Walton says:

    I love it all. On this day when I seriously meant to start on my own book of sewing projects first I picked up the winter copy of Uppercase and lost myself in everyone else’s good ideas then just checked Daily Candy and up you popped. Now I want to go and make food, its Friday. We wrote a Cook Book last year – asked lots of people who live around here how they cooked locally caught fish then put it all in a beautifully designed little book. Have a peep http://www.seasawbooks.co.uk ( because we saw the sea and liked it)
    Good luck I’m going to keep looking and put me down for a book when its done.

  3. kbw says:

    hello guys – my 6 1/2 year old son saw you in the LAT and asked if you were pirates. he said the head scarf and bottle of ‘rum’ and ‘machete’ looked good. kitchen pirates maybe.
    – hawk’s mama in SB