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Morning Beer for Beer Week

The closest thing to a “beer festival” in L.A. just a few years ago was the annual German sausage-fest and lederhosen horror-show that occupies a Torrance parking lot off the Long Beach Freeway. Oh how the times have changed. In … Continue reading

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‘Fuck the FDA’ Porter

We may not be our own best critics. That becomes crystal-hops-pale-ale clear when Alex Macy pours the first tiny pintlet of our homebrewed beer and we tip the red-brown tonic toward our lips. Wow, that smell? Kazowwwww! We made this?! … Continue reading

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Wedding Bells

If you know us by now, you know that we don’t cater events often. Just the occasional Buddhist-gay wedding or Bavarian arm wrestling contest. But it was too hard to resist the e-mail request we got six months ago asking … Continue reading

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Getting Trucked Up

Now that the curd-grease has settled (and our butter burns have healed) we’ve had time to reflect on last month’s Grilled Cheese Invitational – a claustrophobic, mostly lucrative, without-a-doubt triumph in which we graduated from grilled cheese champions to commercial … Continue reading

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Extreme Beer Tasting

When we first caught wind of Brewdog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a 32-percent alcohol stout that they froze in ice cream vats, we tried to order it online. No luck. The brewery had already sold out of the first batch. So … Continue reading

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Bread, Butter, Cheese, Vendor-ing

Lube your gullets folks, because this Saturday is the Grilled Cheese Invitational. And this year Hot Knives will be in full force selling hot slivers of rare cheeses grilled to perfection from a truck! Here’s the gooey plan: we’ll be … Continue reading

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Shopping Mall Kryptonite

Maxed out your plastic? Got nothing in the gift idea department? Or maybe you just would rather spend three hours doing something sweet, like roasting oats to your favorite gospel record, than wandering an outdoor “lifestyle center” like a zombie? … Continue reading

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Over the Top!

Our kitchen reeks of fermenty cabbage and biceps ache just from watching the arm jousting this weekend. But it was all vurth it — The first ever ‘Over the Top Oktoberfest’ vas wunderbar. The weather obliged: 75 degrees and sunny, … Continue reading

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Krautfest 2009

In Deutschland, Oktoberfest starts off with a bang: At noon on the festival’s opening day, the reigning mayor of Munich taps the first keg and officially proclaims ‘It is tapped,” over a 12-gun salute and the “beer corpses” start piling … Continue reading

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‘Grains Gone Wild!’ Brussels

When it was founded in 1900, the Cantillon Brewery was just one of hundreds of breweries in the capital of Belgium churning out the stanky, wild yeast beers that Belgium’s become famous for. Today it’s the last traditional brewery in … Continue reading

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