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Real Beer Buzz

Caffeine + alcohol + teenage hormones = 911 If that sounds like the bull-shittery of a D.A.R.E. lesson, uh-uh, watch the news headlines that the “blackout in a can,” beverage Four Loko, which we’ve never tried, has college kids passing … Continue reading

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Morning Beer for Beer Week

The closest thing to a “beer festival” in L.A. just a few years ago was the annual German sausage-fest and lederhosen horror-show that occupies a Torrance parking lot off the Long Beach Freeway. Oh how the times have changed. In … Continue reading

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‘Fuck the FDA’ Porter

We may not be our own best critics. That becomes crystal-hops-pale-ale clear when Alex Macy pours the first tiny pintlet of our homebrewed beer and we tip the red-brown tonic toward our lips. Wow, that smell? Kazowwwww! We made this?! … Continue reading

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Lockness Monster: ‘Green Dragon, Grown Up

Being into drugs often breeds innovation. Wait, we’re not junkies — but psychedelic experience has been a fairly consistent encounter throughout our now over-a-quarter-century hill lives. Lets not mince ideas: This is a blog partly dedicated to an ancient fermented … Continue reading

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Wood: The New Hops

We are lovers of barrels, that which resides within their steel banded darkness is heaven. The aging of beer at our own hands is still just a fumbling hobby; but when done by brewers, it becomes a kind of sorcery. … Continue reading

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Extreme Beer Tasting

When we first caught wind of Brewdog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a 32-percent alcohol stout that they froze in ice cream vats, we tried to order it online. No luck. The brewery had already sold out of the first batch. So … Continue reading

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The Real Sierra Nevada

When we moved west as young men, our idea of a ‘day trip’ was popping LSD in the afternoon and wandering around campus. That changed once we realized the psychedelic grandeur that is the Angeles National Forest, the high woods … Continue reading

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The OG Beer Cocktail

The Black & Tan is a peculiar thing, if you stop (pounding draught Guinness long enough) to think about it. For one thing, it’s the rare beer cocktail — a booze genre we’ve been pondering a lot lately. But is … Continue reading

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Brain Dead Guy Ale

Driving shotgun this summer on the sleek roads around the Isle of Mann, we took note of the beautiful, deep-purple gobs of what looked like heather that infiltrate that island. From the roads, the mossy underbrush looked like the lovely … Continue reading

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Double Barrel Action

Before a 63-year-old schoolteacher named Annie Taylor went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, nobody believed it could be done. But the hard-ass opportunist outfitted a barrel with a mattress, reinforced it with some steel and had some friends (can … Continue reading

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