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Tank Tour: Craftsman

The first beer we tried by Craftsman Brewing Co. was an icy pint glass of the citrus oil-fizz that is the Orange Grove ale. We got foam mustaches off two rounds in the dank, back room of a now-defunct German … Continue reading

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Number 9, Number 9…

If you’ve never heard the infamous, backward, demonic tape loops that supposedly told Charles Manson to “rise up” and catalyze the race war by killing Angelenos, what are you waiting for? It’s a revelation alright! The birth of sampling, creepy … Continue reading

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Fat Lips

In the beginning of our love affair with suds, the known universe was limited to whatever our shoulder tapping foraging produced. Back then most of our decision making was determined by whatever 12 packs were stacked high with $8.99 price … Continue reading

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‘Grains Gone Wild!’ Brussels

When it was founded in 1900, the Cantillon Brewery was just one of hundreds of breweries in the capital of Belgium churning out the stanky, wild yeast beers that Belgium’s become famous for. Today it’s the last traditional brewery in … Continue reading

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Black Hole Sun

Los Angeles is on fire (again). Ash flakes on our windshields in the morning. Fire fighter worship on the airwaves. 747s filled with flame retardant goop swooping overhead. While some people pick up the pieces, we’re huddled close to our … Continue reading

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Silver Bullet

Type Silver Bullet into your favorite search engine and (awesomely enough) it takes more than a few pages of vibrators, monster fighting advice, and Healthcare freak-outs to get to the Coors website. While the old dogs at Bubble and Fizz … Continue reading

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Cruisin’ with Ruben

Not having grown up on Frank Zappa’s music, or dark and sugary American strong ales for that matter, we venture to offer that both those things could be described as “difficult.” And difficult is a fine word for Lagunitas’ latest … Continue reading

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Beer for the People

Put your Fourth of July pints down people: We have some beer news. This week Hot Knives and Verdugo Bar are teaming up for a very special 6-course craft beer and cheese tasting menu – which includes a much anticipated … Continue reading

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Extra High Life

Until we drank this beer, the words “extra high” had no special meaning really. At least as far as beer and beyond our extended gravity bong phase in college. But “extra high” is, in fact, what the gold foil letters … Continue reading

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Nuts For Beer Fest

The air was stale and hot, lines were long, and at one point we thought it might actually never end. Yes, there was a certain undeniable Hieronymus Bosch-like quality to the recent Craft Beer Fest L.A. that Hot Knives helped … Continue reading

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