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Luscious Dumplings

One recent rainy night, between downing several pints of stout and an entire bottle of Laphroaig scotch, we invented a sublime, fatty fall concoction — roasted eggplant and potato mashed with sweet Thai basil and stuffed into fragile squash blossoms, … Continue reading

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Hot Rad Winter Salad

Fall is all up on our asses in Los Angeles, with rain and mist and stormy skies bearing down. This weekend at our farmers market, some dramatic “El Greco” light seemed to shine down on the bountiful fall vegetables. We … Continue reading

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Grapevine Salad

In the beginning, there were Eskimos, who found a use, or a dish, for every drop of fatty, pink seal blubber. Nowadays we have white celebrity chefs who ask a premium because they’ve found a small plate for every ounce … Continue reading

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Golden God Hot Sauce

Our birthdays are usually witnessed by either a house party or camping. This year it was a little bit of both thanks to an opportunistic, long-ago-made reservation for a desert rental property in Joshua Tree built almost entirely out of … Continue reading

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Lemon-rubbed Kaleslaw

Drafted to come up with a summery, picnic-friendly kale salad, Hot Knives undertook a brutally fibrous campaign of taste tests. With its texture somewhere between a dishwasher scrubby and a garden plant, kale often gets gussied up with winter veg … Continue reading

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Wedding Bells

If you know us by now, you know that we don’t cater events often. Just the occasional Buddhist-gay wedding or Bavarian arm wrestling contest. But it was too hard to resist the e-mail request we got six months ago asking … Continue reading

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Face-off: ‘Naner vs Jackfruit

While some of you were cheering for a team in the big rivalry this weekend (UK vs. USA), we had bigger, better, weirder rivalries to attend to. Like which tropical fruit makes a better pig replacement in stewed pulled pork? … Continue reading

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Our Summer Oyster Po’boy

If you’re like us you’ve probably been feeling shitty every time you get in and out of an automobile, what with the evil oil gush that’s still spurting all over our southern coast right now. Make no mistake, we’re complacent. … Continue reading

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Kimchi Forever

While Korean cuisine may be the new “it” food in America, we’re obsessed with it for the same reason that Koreans are: It fucking rules. Seriously what’s not to love? Hot chilies, fried eggs everywhere, and loads upon loads of … Continue reading

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Co-Co Pann Cotta

Dessert: Our final frontier. We tend towards immaturity when it comes to the end of the meal. When faced with the option; we typically relegate the dessert plate to cheese, fruit, booze or a combo of all three. We rarely … Continue reading

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