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Luscious Dumplings

One recent rainy night, between downing several pints of stout and an entire bottle of Laphroaig scotch, we invented a sublime, fatty fall concoction — roasted eggplant and potato mashed with sweet Thai basil and stuffed into fragile squash blossoms, … Continue reading

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Grapevine Salad

In the beginning, there were Eskimos, who found a use, or a dish, for every drop of fatty, pink seal blubber. Nowadays we have white celebrity chefs who ask a premium because they’ve found a small plate for every ounce … Continue reading

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Yuletide Grool

Worshipper or non-believer, you got to respect the holy substances of the high holidays: frankincence, myrrh, and fatty carbohydrates! The latter, which encompasses staples like mash potatoes, stuffing, and even figgy pudding, is far more humble than all that bling … Continue reading

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Cookie Monster

By now it should come as little to no surprise that the Hot Knives blog doesn’t really do dessert. Maybe its because we get all the sugar we need from beer. Maybe its because our sensory receptors for sweet have … Continue reading

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Power Breakfast

Breakfast for vegetarians can often become the perfect pipeline for the over-processed. Faux chorizo, soy turkey sausage, and other forms of soy-plastic sodium bombs. The joy of chewy mixed meat and snappy bacon was the first thing found by many … Continue reading

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Raw Spears, Fresh Blood

Ages ago, the Romans celebrated the first sight of Asparagus spears with a chariot race. The finest legionnaires loaded their carts with the first crop of wee phalli and raced hell bent to the Alps. While the reward for the … Continue reading

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The Perfect Grilled Cheese

The Rules 1. Cut the cheese strategically! (shred semi-hard, slice soft, and grate hard cheeses) 2. Lube it up! (Butter the pan AND both slices of bread) 3. Push it real good! (Use a pot or pan to press your … Continue reading

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Nuptial Nookies

Trumpets please! One of us at Hot Knives is getting (ahem… errm) married. Stare at our bouteneirs and suit-pant boners. Cue the cherubs! No presents please, this is just a roundabout way of saying don’t expect much posting over the … Continue reading

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‘Mag’ and Cheese

Hip, hip! Mornay! Getting new gigs is always nice. And for at least the next few months, until we cuss ourselves out of a job, we’ll be acting as recipe columnists for L.A.-based Swindle Magazine. Our first comes out this … Continue reading

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Smokin’ Leek Hash

This will not top the soup that quasi-inspired it, let’s get that outta the way right quick. That’d be the leek hash and pea soup with almond butter we had ladled for us tableside at Melisse in Santa Monica on … Continue reading

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