Largehearted Goat? First Annual Report


Today marks the one year anniversary of Largehearted Goat?, my comprehensive study of Largehearted Boy‘s obsession with John Darnielle and The Mountain Goats.

I originally announced Lagrehearted Goat last October, and, in the course of the year since data collection began, The Boy wrote 362 ‘Shorties’ posts, 52 (or a little more than 14 percent) of which mentioned The Mountain Goats. The longest period during the year without a Goat post lasted 26 days, starting on June 6 and ending July 16.

As could probably be expected, the Goat posts tended to come in clumps (around relevant Mountain Goats news, mostly), the two most intense of which included runs of four consecutive days (from May 11 to May 14 as part of an incredibly Goat-ish week that included six Goat posts over a span of nine days and then again just recently from September 17 to September 20).

Overall, the rate of Goat posts has remained relatively constant (at about one a week), which was a surprise to me. The project began soon after the release of a Mountain Goats’ record and I expected activity to drop off precipitously after The Boy’s excitement around that event died down, but, though it flagged slightly from its initial intensity, his Goat-ing frequency has remained high.

Continued research is necessary to determine if the Goat-ing rate will eventually drop off with lack of band activity or if it will stay solid in the coming between-album year. Check back next September 29th for the second annual report.

And feel free to browse the data yourself: Largehearted Goat?

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