Ideas for Dozens’ Third Annivesary

Today I’m proud to celebrate the third anniversary of Ideas for Dozens. In the the three years of this blog’s existence, I’ve written 197 entries (or about 1 post every 5 and a half days) using three different blog engines (after a brief flirtation with Blogger I moved to a Blosxom install for more control before joining Urban Honking and learning about the many mysteries of Moveable Type).

In that time, I’ve covered topics from art to Ruby on Rails to a series of eccentric projects. And you all have responded, writting 286 comments for an average 1.45 comments per entry. My posts have been picked up by BoingBoing, 43 Folders, and many others.

Anyway, I’ve got lots of exciting stuff in the works including a series on the basics of microcontroller architecture and assembler programming, a few ideas for phsycial/ubiquitous computing projects, and a few other non-tech projects starting up as well.

So stay tuned and keep those comments coming…

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