Speaking at GoGaRuCo

In Regional Ruby Conference Speak, that’d be the Golden Gate Ruby Conference, which is being held April 17-18 in San Francisco. I’ll be giving a talk on RAD and participating in a discussion panel on Ruby frameworks. My talk will be about 30 minutes and will be, I hope, high wattage in the demo department. I’m planning on rolling out some exciting new hardware and putting on quite the show.

The panel features me and people from five other Ruby frameworks: Blake Mizerany (who I know a little) from Sinatra (which I use all the time and adore), Tim Elliott talking about Shoes (which I’ve played with and think is awesome), Yehuda Katz (who I met at RubyConf) from Merb and Rails, Josh Peek from Rails, and Jay Phillips from Adhearsion (a cool-sounding framework for telephony apps). It’ll be intimidating to be on a stage with so many brilliant people from such awesome well-known projects (especially since I’ll be using nearly all of them in my own demos!).

If you’re planning on attending let me know in the comments and be sure to come up and say hello!

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