Open: A Flash Animation About a Corkscrew

A while back, I mentioned that I was working on a Flash animation about a corkscrew for Methods of Motion. Not too long thereafter, I finished the animation, but had neglected to post it here until now. It’s called Open.

Open from Greg Borenstein on Vimeo.

Starting with a storyboard for a much longer and more complex story, I decided to focus on the key moment of the corkscrew seeing the wine bottle and jumping up onto the counter.

I started off by creating the animation using extremely primitive geometric drawings in Flash. That way I could focus on getting the movements right without having to deal with all the distractions of full backgrounds and highly detailed characters. You can watch an early draft version that shows the project in that state.

As you can already start to see happening in that SWF, I made a bunch of drawings of the corkscrew and the surrounding environments and brought these into Flash. Later on, I traced them as vectors. to increase the quality and give me more flexibility for moving, resizing, and animating them.

Finally I had to draw a few moments by hand frame-by-frame (mostly where the corkscrew turns its “head” side-to-side, an action that didn’t yield to any of Flash’s transformation tools).

Initially I intended to put audio to this and do a few other finishing touches, but the momentum of the semester has moved me on to another longer-duration animation project that I’m quite excited about. I’ll hopefully have more to say about that here soon.

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