Rise of the 21st Century City State Final Presentation

Last month, I wrote about my group presentation for my scenario planning class, The Rise of the 21st Century State. Since that post we, of course, finished the presentation and publicly performed it at ITP. In this post, I’ll present my portion of the final presentation as well as the full slide deck used by the rest of my group members.

You may remember from my earlier post that our group presented a future

“where a lost decade of economic doldrums have left federal governments paralyzed by enormous deficits and defaulting on their debts, increased global competition over energy and reduced post-peak oil supply has driven up the cost of transportation dramatically, the last century‚Äôs rapid migration from rural areas to urban centers continues at an ever-increasing rate, and maturing digital fabrication technologies make local production a real possibility even in slums and favelas.”

In my segment, I read a Facebook message received from my high school friend Mikey Clark in the year 2022 (note: Mikey is a real high school friend of mine who’s actually in the Marines. He’s not, as far as I know stationed at Pendelton, I have no idea what he’ll be doing in 2022, and he in no way approved or even knew of this presentation).

I prefaced the reading of the message by saying the following:

“We’ve all been hearing so much about what’s been going on this year in California, of course. Well, I wrote to an old high school friend who’s in the Marines to see if he knew any more about what’s going on.”

I then proceeded to read the text of this hypothetical Facebook message:

Yo Greg,

Maria, Carlos, and I are all fine. No worries!

And yup, I’m still down here at Pendleton. Supposed to be flying EA-6B Prowlers, but haven’t been doing much of that lately since the cuts after the most recent government shutdown last year. Thought we’d get deployed to Nigeria against the Chinese, but it never happened. A couple of my friends have even cut ranks for BHX. Now with the Gulf Cartel causing problems it actually looks like we might be getting into the air again sooner than we thought.

The situation is…interesting, but not as bad as the President’s tweets are making it sound. Here’s the deal:

Do you remember Proposition 420 a couple of years back? Well, after the legalization that giant farming company Cargill came in and really started growing the stuff. They took over most of the abandoned eastern California farmland and just put in Mary Jane as far as the eye could see. All those old onion and soybean farms that got ditched when the Feds couldn’t pay the farm subsidies got replanted with the state’s new hot cash crop: reefer.

President Palin tried to stop it, but Cargill got half the House of Representatives elected, so it may be illegal, but it’s been the way things are down here.

Well the one person who took to Cargill’s move even worse than President Palin was El Chapo. He’s the kingpin of the Gulf Cartel and he pretty much ran the drug trade with their smuggling tunnels, but with Cargill’s cheap stuff on the scene and California’s new open border policy, American pot is actually moving into Mexico nowadays. Imagine that!

Anyway, Chapo’s been trying to put a dent in Cargill’s business. And he’s been doing it with some surprisingly sophisticated stuff: Apache helicopters, drone attacks, even some low-grade anti-crop chemical weapons, apparently. This guy makes Osama Bin Laden look like a school yard bully.

So, obviously, the Governor asked the Pres to send in the marines, right? I mean, that’s what we’re fucking for! And the Pres keeps sounding all kinds of gung ho, but she can’t get Congress to get off their duffs and make it happen. So now, apparently the Governor is talking directly to Colonel Hodgins, the base Chief, about stepping in without waiting for the official order. We’re right here in it and apparently, the Governor offered to use some of those spare billions of Marijuana tax profits to help fix up the base and get us some of our back pay the Feds owe us.

No word yet on whether that’s going to happen, but I’ll do my best to let you know. I’m sure we could wrap these punks up in no time if they let us in there.

Hope to see you in LA over the holidays,


The slides for the full presentation are available here: The Rise of the 21st Century City State (slides).

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