Showing at Ventana244 Gallery

I’m proud to announce that I’m going to be participating in my first gallery show, It Reminds Me, at Ventana244 in Williamsburg. The show opens February 11 at 7:30pm and will up up for the rest of February.

I’ll be showing my piece “LO: October 29, 1969”, which is a multimedia monument to the birth of the Internet.

Side by side detail

I’ll be posting more thorough documentation of ‘LO’ soon, but for now, here’s the description from the It Reminds Me flyer:

‘LO’ tells the story of the first Internet transmission between UCLA and Stanford on October 29, 1969. The piece dramatizes the interaction between the counterculture and the military industrial complex that was key to the formation of our contemporary technoculture. Two half-cube miniature scenes with projection and electronic screens are networked together to represent the two labs.

It Reminds Me also features two of my fellow ITP students, Nick Yulman and Merche Blasco. The curators at the gallery organized the show around common ideas in our work about “the relation between memory, technology and change”. Nick and Merche will both be performing with their pieces at the opening on February 11.

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  1. Max Borenstein says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. Karen says:

    All that tuition and an excellent gene pool coming to fruition. Congrats!

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