Physical GIF Launches on Kickstarter

I’m proud to announce the launch of Physical GIF on Kickstarter. Physical GIF is a collaboration with Scott Wayne Indiana to turn animated GIFs into table top toys. We use a laser cutter and a strobe light to produce a kind of zoetrope from each animated GIF so you can watch it on your coffee table. Here’s our Kickstarter video which explains the whole process and shows you what they look like in action:

For our Kickstarter campaign we have four main pledge levels. At $50 you get a Physical GIF along with everything you need to play it at home: the strobe, the plastic GIF disc and frames, and the hardware. You can choose from three designs that scott created, BMX Biker:

Elephant-Rabbit Costume Party:

and New York Fourth of July:

For a $100 pledge, we’ll send you a kit with all three of these Physical GIFs.

We’ve also recruited four amazing animated GIF artists to design special limited edition Physical GIFs: Ryder Ripps, Nullsleep, Sara Ludy, and Sterling Crispin. More info about these artists on our project page At $250, you can reserve one of the Physical GIFs from any of these artists. We’re going to be working with them to explore materials and techniques for turning their designs into Physical GIFs. We’re hoping that they explore some of the limitations and possibilities of this new medium. Each of the Physical GIFs they produce will come in a limited numbered edition with documentation from the artist.

And at the top pledge level, we’ll work with you directly to manufacture your own custom Physical GIF from your design. We’ve only made five of this reward available because we want to be able to spend as much time as it takes working with you to turn your animated GIF ideas into physical reality.

We’re incredibly excited about this project and can’t wait to see how people react to it. Head over to Kickstarter right now to give us some help: Physical GIF on Kickstarter. Thanks!

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