26 Books in 2011

Last year, I read 43 books, a relatively high annual total for me. This was largely due to spending so much time that year working on a stop-motion animated music video which lead to a huge amount of audio book listening. This year, I read much less. The two main factors in this falloff were my busy last semester at ITP and the fact that I spent much of the second half of the year writing a book. The total for this year came out to 26 books. Plus an eight additional comics, an area I’ve started dabbling in due to the influence of Matt Jones and Jack Schulze of BERG London who I had the pleasure to meet this year.

Looking at the list, the topics of this year’s books much resemble the list from last year with sci-fi and special effects behind-the-scenes making up the lionshare. Of these, I wanted to specially point out The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway, which I just finished recently. It’s a great weird mix of post-apocalyptic sci-fi, coming-of-age college novel, and Tarrantino-esque madcap kung-fu. But somehow darker and more moving than that description makes it sound. There are also a few tech/business history books: the Steve Jobs bio, Steven Levy on Google, The Toyota Way, and The Gun by CJ Chivers, which is an excellent history of the AK-47 and one of the best books on design I’ve ever read.

Here are the comics I read this year (I would link to these too, but, weirdly enough, I have no clue of the best place to acquire them online having, amazingly, actually bought nearly all of them from in-person “stores” such as Forbidden Planet and St. Marks Comics.):

  • SVK by Warren Ellis
  • Invincible Iron Man: The Five Nightmares by Matt Fraction
  • Invincible Iron Man: Extremis by Warren Ellis
  • Transmetropolitan Vol 1 by Warren Ellis
  • Planetary Vol 1 by Warren Ellis
  • The Punisher: Born by Garth Ennis
  • The Punisher MAX, Vol 1 by Garth Ennis
  • Usagi Yojimbo Book 2: Samurai by Stan Sakai
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