Paperless Post Tech Talk

A couple of weeks ago I delivered the inaugural tech talk at Paperless Post. I was invited by Paperless Post CTO Aaron Quint who’s been a friend for a long while.

Aaron asked me to talk about my work with the Kinect and anything else that was on my mind. I took the opportunity to talk about two current projects. One of these, Makematics, I’d launched just that week, but I haven’t talked about here much. It’s a project dedicated to turning computer science research into tools for creative work. I have more to announce on that topic shortly, but you can read my introductory post in the meantime.

The second project is one that’s not quite finished and this was the first time I’d talked about it publicly at all. It’s a design exploration into using faces as computer vision markers instead of abstract shapes. I call it You-R-Codes. I’ll have a more thorough presentation of it here soon so consider this a sneak preview.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the talk. It was a big friendly crowd with lots of great questions and discussion afterwards. And, of course, thanks to Aaron and the other folks at Paperless Post for inviting me and treating me so well. It was a good time.

Here are the slides:

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