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James George and I just ran an epic update to, the site we run that indexes extensions and libraries for OpenFrameworks. With the recent version switchover of the Github API, our addon detection code had gotten out of date and hadn’t run in a few weeks.

It’s fixed now and in running it we found a whole raft of new awesome addons, bringing the grand total up to 564 known addons. In this post I’ve collected a few of the addons that struck my eye as being exciting, though there are a bunch more. You can follow the ofxaddons changes page to keep up.

Let’s start off with two addons that have cool images to share. First is the very clever ofxRetroPixel by Akira Hayaska. ofxRetroPixel converts hi-res graphics into low-res retro pixels “like a 70s pong game”. Here’s a sample of the results:


Another neat visual addon is ofxSparklines by Christopher Baker. ofxSparklines produce small line graphs from data with a lot of options for visual refinement:

Seems like a great tool for adding some visual feedback to an app.

Another exciting (and timely) addon is ofxLytroFileTools from Jason Van Cleave, which lets you parse and view fiels from the Lytro re-focusable camera in OF.

The next two addons were enough to inspire us to add a new category to the site: Machine Learning. ofxSelfOrganizingMap implements an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that has applications in data clustering, compression, and pattern recognition. The addon’s readme has some awesome examples, including a visualization of the colors of the seasons created by clustering images from Google image search:

And a visual clustering of countries via UN poverty statistics:

Another machine learning addon, ofxSequence provides classification and recognition of numeric sequences, a technique that can be used in a lot of applications, including gesture recgnition. This is a classifier that you train with some example data. and then it uses a hidden markov model to recognize patterns in that data.

Two last addons I wanted to mention, both relating to computer vision and tracking people.

Joel Gethin Lewis has an new addon for background removal ofxBackground based on a classic example from Learning OpenCV.

And, last but not least, Chris O’Shea made ofxThermitrack, an OF interface to the Thermitrack thermal imaging camera, which provides “high-resolution position data from people moving within its field of view” (and looks like a smoke detector):

There’s also been a lot of excellent development on existing addons as well as some intriguing-looking projects that aren’t quite ready for release yet. You can find all of it at

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