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Machine Pareidolia: Hello Little Fella Meets FaceTracker

In a recent post on the BERG blog, Gardens and Zoos, Matt Jones explored a series of ideas for designing personality and life into technology products. One of the most compelling of these takes advantage of pareidolia, the natural human … Continue reading

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On Being Seen by the Machine

The light edged into view through my tightly shut eyelids. Waves of stippled white pulsed down towards a corona of laser pink before spilling into a liquid bokeh of soft hexagons. I tried to relax my eyelids against the involuntary … Continue reading

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Physical GIF Launches on Kickstarter

I’m proud to announce the launch of Physical GIF on Kickstarter. Physical GIF is a collaboration with Scott Wayne Indiana to turn animated GIFs into table top toys. We use a laser cutter and a strobe light to produce a … Continue reading

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Night Flight: a miniature light sculpture cityscape using fiber optics

Flying over a dense city at night is a singly modern experience. The confusions and dislocations of street level life flatten into schematic clarity; the electric glow gives the terrain the sci-fi feeling of electronic circuitry; the unlit natural areas, … Continue reading

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Treatment and design for a Nullsleep video using the Kinect

Last fall when the Kinect first launched Jeremiah Johnson and I immediately started talking about how much sense it made to use it to make a video for him. Jeremiah records and performs as Nullsleep. His music is typically characterized … Continue reading

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LO: October 29, 1969

On October 29, 1969, at 10:30pm grad students and professors at UCLA’s Network Management Center and Stanford’s Augmentation Research Center began the first ever test of the ARPANet, the initial incarnation of today’s Internet. My sculpture, “LO: October 29, 1969”, … Continue reading

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Single Pixel Camera

What is a camera? In the broadest sense, cameras turn the light around them into an image. No matter if the camera is digital or analog, the appearance of that image is determined by the same set of factors: how … Continue reading

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Showing at Ventana244 Gallery

I’m proud to announce that I’m going to be participating in my first gallery show, It Reminds Me, at Ventana244 in Williamsburg. The show opens February 11 at 7:30pm and will up up for the rest of February. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Design and Laser Cutting Tests for Sculpture about the First Internet Transmission

After a semester of pre-production work on my Augment project — outlining, storyboarding, writing — I decided it was finally time to build something. I wanted to build one of the scenes in order to further investigate the materials I’ve … Continue reading

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Kinect Experiments: compositing and 3d

So, I’ve gone a little Kinect crazy. Ever since the open source community was able to figure out the USB protocol and start working on a set of drivers and libraries for it (libfreenect) I’ve been following the progress closely … Continue reading

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