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Songbird Media Player Integration for Web Pages, a Compendium

What is Songbird? Songbird is an iTunes-style music player that contains an integrated web browser. Songbird detects rich media on pages you visit and integrates them into itself in a number of ways: making them navigable through a “web playlist” … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Merb vol.2: Intro to Routing and Controllers

An intro to routing and controllers. I wrote recently about getting started with Merb. Yesterday, after having refer to my own post to remember how it all worked, I started on a new Merb app as part of the Great … Continue reading

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RailsConf 2008 Lightning Talk Summaries

photo by James Duncan Davidson A few months back Chad Fowler asked me to coordinate the lightning talks for this year’s RailsConf. It turned out to be a rolicking good time! We had 36 speakers in three sessions over three … Continue reading

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Guide to Getting Started with Merb and ActiveRecord

Spent a while today getting up and running with Merb, the minimalist modular alternative Ruby framework from Ezra and the good people at Engine Yard. Merb has been in a bit of chaos these recent months as it’s gone through … Continue reading

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Automating Firefox for Web Application Integration

This post explains how to control Firefox from the command line with Telnet and Ruby. After presenting some context to explain why I think this hack represents an important area of concern in contemporary web application development, I’ll show how … Continue reading

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Developing Single Serving Sites using Ruby CGI scripts on Dreamhost

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo lately about Single Serving Sites. Stimulated by the inexplicable runaway success of Barack Obama is Your New Bicylce, these simple sites that provide a small dollop of amusement ( or utility ( have become … Continue reading

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50 Blog Posts I’d Like to See in 2008

A while back, noted social media commentator Chris Brogan published a list of 100 blog posts he’d like to see other people write. The list was meant as a spur in the backside of readers who suffer from Blogger’s Block, … Continue reading

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git_tools: the Beginnings of a Rake Library for Git

There’s been quite a lot of buzz lately amongst Rubyists (or at least amongst those I follow on Twitter) about the new version control system Git. As Linus Torvalds explained in a Google Tech Talk last May, licensing issues drove … Continue reading

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Presenting THUMBNAIL: a Ruby wrapper for the AWS Alexa Site Thumbnail service

I’m proud to announce the release of my very first gem: THUMBNAIL. It’s a Ruby wrapper for the Amazon Web Services Alexa Site Thumbnail Service, which lets you automatically download thumbnails of any website or dynamically embed them in your … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Practical Syntactic Magic: the tale of Hpricot’s sudo-constructor

I spent much of today working with Hpricot. And so, as when spending significant solo time with any of why the lucky stiff‘s code, I found myself admiring all the neat little syntactic nicknacks strewn about to cozy up the … Continue reading

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