Being one episode away from the absolute end of Friday Night Lights, I took to IMDB to see how everyone is moving on with their professional lives, check out how many shitty low-budge Hollywood torture porn franchises Aimee Teagarten has been cast in. Also, the real question on everyone’s mind is what Taylor Kitsch star vehicle will be coming to Netflix instant (via Starz Play) next? We might not have to wait long, by the sounds of it. Here is the synopsis of John Carter (due out 2012), in which he plays the titular role: “Civil War vet John Carter is transplanted to Mars, where he discovers a lush, wildly diverse planet whose main inhabitants are 12-foot tall green barbarians.” I am thinking it’s like no-budget Avatar meets Steven Moyers character-line from True Blood. I wonder if ‘Civil Wars vets transported to another strange time’ is about to become a cinematic meme? Though the rest of the casting–Dominic West from The Wire, Bryan Cranston (Walter from Breaking Bad) and Willem Dafoe seems like it might actually potentially be ok. I can’t tell whether Kitsch has honed his acting chops since the X-Men movie or if he’s just more brooding this season because he’s now playing an ex-con with feelings, rather than small town dumb stud football star. I am not sure I am ready for FNL to be over, but this weeks episode with all of it’s cliffhanging and sappy hug-it-out resolution where all the lesser characters and teen romances are shattering and resolving was below usual standards. Also, I don’t believe for a second that Jess loves her job washing the whole teams fucking jockstraps and just dreams of being a coach. When ever she gets pensive by the laundry on the doorway to Coach’s office, I just expect her to break out into “Part of Your World”

or maybe something from Dreamgirls, though, really, this if we are prescribing Dreamgirls hits this is a little more appropriate for the see-it-coming denouement with Coach and his wife, played by (former yoga teacher) Connie Britton:

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