I remember seeing several blind items on gossip site when he was shooting the Facebook movie about how everyone in the production was aware of his terribleness and he absolutely was not, he thought his comedicgifts were ample. And then you see the movie and notice just how much of Timberlake’s action, in particular scenes where it is all about him, is muted with other peoples voiceover or slow-mo with music. That whatever he is doing is blotted out and all we get is a smile and cocky look and an exit or entrance. The whole time you watch him you think “You’d think Justin Timberlake would be terrible, but here he is, he’s almost okay at parts.” His appeal is the active novelty inherent to his acting endeavors, the you never forget he is this crossover singer, who turned from cheesy by playing against it, by being the smirking cool guy who left his boy band behind.
Molly Lambert writes about the mediocrity of Timberlake here

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  1. kim says:

    I kind of got the opposite impression of Lambert’s article. She’s saying he’s improving. Mediocre maybe, but also destined for success.

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