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You Look Like An Old Mop

For our enjoyment on this rainy Tuesday morn’ (sorry, wrong link! here’s the real thing) Who is that little girl and was she born a genius?

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Pikmin and Horrible Bosses

Well I’ve been out of it again, w/r/t movies and the watching of them. I am teaching more-or-less full time (ha! Meaning: one class (how do people do it??)) and spend my off-hours frantically speaking to non-18-year-old humans, staring at … Continue reading

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Manohla Dargis talks about seperating a director from their work, i.e. Is Lars Von Trier really a Nazi Sympathizer and her feelings about watching a Polanski film when she thinks he’s a pedophile and rapey creep. I really love that … Continue reading

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Weekend double feature +1 style now: TRON: I never saw the original, but the Disney follow-up is 1. really neat looking, like “How did they do that?”/”I would live there even though the floor of Jeff Bridges weird future-zen-palace has … Continue reading

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Not a parody! If only it was, it would be brilliant. The entire plot is given a way in 90 second plus there is a sage older woman who says “being lost is only temporary”… he found a parrot, and … Continue reading

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Soderbergh preys on our worstest fears (second worst after The Road coming true?!) and gives us a plausible apocalyptic nightmare of germs and opens it on 9/11 weekend. HE REALLY KNOWS HOW AMERICA LIKES IT. Contagion is basically JAWS but … Continue reading

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