Like my recent viewing of La Femme Nikita, I was discomfited by how much my memory of Juice fell short of Juice’s actuals. The first twelve minutes of the movie are just people getting dressed for school and while it does tell us some things–Tupacs dad is messed up, Tupac looks good without a shirt–it doesn’t tell us much. It plays like a goof ball buddy movie and then there is a shoving fight, a friends botched robbery and suddenly it is a drama and a serious one at that. I remember when it first came out on video and watching it often between 94-96 and being stunned by Tupac’s on-screen presence, his hypermasculinity, how he didn’t even seem to be acting. He just WAS. And now he is infinite, hologrified. Someone is very very rich off such a stupid thing and well, Tupac is fucking dead.

Last nights viewing I just kept thinking Omar Epps should have a way bigger star. Should be. When was the last time I saw Omar Epps in anything? I mean, lately it seems all I watch are Werner Herzog movies and mountaneering docs, but why isn’t he in those?

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