We went on a date, mid-afternoon, to the gnarly multiplex by our house. Matt refuses to go on principle most of the time since the time we went and wound up sitting behind two parents that called their son motherfucker and kept sending him the long way around the aisle because they didn’t want to move their feet for him when they dispatched him to the concession stand. He was four. Five tops.

Anyhow. We went. Hardly any one there. I felt weirdly scared about going, fearing some copycat shoot-em-up would leave our children orphaned because we couldn’t keep ourselves away from some Hollywood dreck. Like it was risky. Like we should of gone to see Beasts of the Southern Wild because it would be safe.

I think the Batman franchise is the best of all the superhero movies. I have seen all of them save for the first hulk and the two Green Lanterns because Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern seems like a lose-lose. Perhaps if he was Aquaman I might care. The previous Batman movie, with Heath Ledger so scary, is my favorite. It is everyone’s favorite. Though after a recent half-viewing of Mr. Mom, I want to see the Michael Keaton-era Batman. That was really his last hurrah after presiding over the 80s.

Anyhow. This Batman is all guns, all the time, and an unsettling kind of terror upon the rich, dumb, thoughtless privilege one associates with America. It is like a 99%-fever dream turned rancid. It’s paralleling of the zietgeist was heavy in spots. Poking at our bruised terrorism fears. Anne Hathaway as a self-serving Robin Hoodrat of a CatWoman was a nice way to break up all the brooding macho backstory, but I wanted her backstory, but I imagine that is what the next sequel or spin-off is for. The pre-ending, a hand-to-hand fight against a merciless foe armed with perfect machines in a steely metropolis was instant flashback to Transformers and the bloated Avengers, but I think that is just how these movies have to happen now.

It was hard to watch a movie, to just participate, in something that was so violent and “enjoy” it knowing the very real violence that had been done it in.

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2 Responses to DARK KNIGHT RISES

  1. RCH says:

    There was no blood in it. … Did they recut?

  2. You see people with blood on them. There are not blood pools–but that doesn’t mean it isn’t thoroughly violent.

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