Live Blog Test

This is now a LivingBlog™.

Jessica Hopper February 25, 20131:52 am

Fun Fact: Christoph Waltz is a distant relation of nominated director Michael Haneke (Amour). Both are Viennese. Also, Waltz is the only actor or anyone to every be nominated from a Tarantino movie. He is fluent in all three languages he spoke in Inglorious Basterds.
OMG Jack Nicholson is asleep with his mouth open.

Jessica Hopper February 25, 20131:47 am

In case this little cornball throwback revue of Seth MacFarlane’s is leaft any doubt, one of his favorite entertainers/singers is Mel Torme. How very Night Court of him.

Jessica Hopper February 24, 20135:20 pm

I look forward to this live blog a-happenin’ round Oscar way.

Mike Merrill February 22, 201310:27 pm

This is a very riveting test for the upcoming OSCAR RawBlog™.

Yours Truly February 22, 20139:03 pm

Oh wow
I can’t believe it

Mike Merrill February 22, 20137:26 pm

By “My friend Oscar” I actually mean, I SAW THAT will be live blogging the oscars.

Mike Merrill February 22, 20137:25 pm

Mike Merrill February 22, 20137:25 pm

To prepare I’m making eggs of the devil type and preparing this LivingBlog™. AKA Raw Blogging.

Mike Merrill February 22, 20137:23 pm

My friend Oscar is coming over on Sunday.

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