Fractal Pizza

This was originally published on Digest, the Urban Honking food blog on June 13th, 2006. I’m reposting it at the request of Robert Cantor.

People are so skeptical. When I first announced my plan to build a Fractal Pizza I was called crazy, insane, and most hurtful of all, “a hopeless romantic with delusions of being a real scientist.” But much like my scientific heroes Orville Redenbacher, Wylie Dufresne, and the often ridiculed Grace Hopper, I too persevered. The thing we all share is a desire to make our dreams come true, no matter what people say.

It is with great pleasure and pride that I present to you the world’s first fully-edible Fractal Pizza:


fractel-closeup.jpgHow was this scientific impossibility made? Well, I have to thank Willow who really came through with some critical and creative thinking in clutch moments. Also, I know the original idea came about at work, so I’d like to dedicate this gastronomic monument to my co-workers.

The idea was simple, as are most truly genius moments. When looking at a pizza I noticed that you had bread, sauce, cheese and toppings. The toppings struck me as interesting. No matter what you put on top of the bread, sauce, and cheese you still had pizza. Initially I had the same thoughts of the many pizza innovators that have gone before me, ‘What is the craziest thing I could put on pizza!??’

It was my love of the term “meta” that turned me on to the idea. What is the craziest thing to put on pizza? Well, what about more pizza!??! I almost dismissed the idea initially, as I have eaten pizza with two crusts, and even stacked slices on top of each other… but I couldn’t let go of the idea of a meta-pizza and then while wandering the frozen food aisle of my local grocery store it was like Newton’s apple hit me on the head and said, “The pizza comes in a wide variety of sizes.” Eureka!

fractal-meta.jpgThe pizza is made from a base layer of crust covered in sauce, then topped with smaller english muffin pizzas that are topped with corn chip tortilla pizzas. For this first experiment we kept things relatively simple with only pepperoni and olives as toppings (on the toppings). But each layer has it’s own layer of cheese, sauce, olives, and pepperoni.

At the end of the day this is only the beginning. This is but a pizza made up of little pizzas topped with little pizzas. That is only three levels of pizza. I think I can take it farther. I want to make the “Charles and Ray Eames Factor of Ten” Pizza, with 10 smaller and smaller levels of pizza. To paraphrase that plucky American revolutionary John Paul Jones, “I have not yet begun to make meta-pizza.”


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One Response to Fractal Pizza

  1. freddy says:

    Sort of reminds me of the Taco Town digital short…

    “Pizza? Now that’s what I call a taco!”