Omnivore’s Dilemma

In February of 2010 it was decided that we should eat a vegetarian diet, and four months later it was decided that I should add fish to my diet. Now, over a year since the the first dietary restrictions were added by shareholder approval, we present a counter-proposal to remove all dietary limitations.

This would allow us to compete in reality television like Survivor and The Amazing Race which often include food challenges as well as participate in local cultures, which so often is based on regional food.

We believe there are important cultural changes happening with food that have to do with meats and we would like the opportunity to take part. We believe the dietary restrictions “worked” in the sense that we are eating healthier. We will continue to eat a primarily vegetable diet with the occasional addition of fish, but will no longer be required to do so and be able to fully engage with food culture.

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4 Responses to Omnivore’s Dilemma

  1. gene says:

    I think you should add an exception for cultural experiences and competition but keep the rule in place.

  2. Josh says:

    Reality TV shows? You gotta give us something better than that.

  3. Mike Merrill says:

    Reality TV is representative of the kinds of opportunities being a non-meat eater removes from my possible career paths. In the larger sense it’s about being a part of any given community. When with vegans I tend to also eat vegan so it stands to reason that at a barbecue I should also participate.

  4. swi says:

    my two cents: feel free to make exceptions when confronted with the choice of eating meat. examples of exceptions: at a special dinner for which meat has been prepared, then partake. invited to a reality show for which you would eat meat, partake. in another culture for a temporary period, partake occasionally.