Slow Start

The year started not with a bang, but with a whimper. I caught a sinus-attacking Caribbean flu and entered the year drinking tea and eating kale salad.

Tuesday I met with Jenn Armbrust about I have some plans for 2020 in 2012 and Jenn, under her new Armbrust & Co label, makes fantastic WordPress and Tumblr sites.

I’m also working on new share certificates. Well, actually Jen Wick is working on them. Expect to see them around late February.

Built out a new Urban Honking blog, Smart Farm, which will be a look at the apps and technology available to help young farmers. It’s not officially launched yet, but should be up soon.

Urban Honking is planning an event at the Hollywood Theatre for March. And Whiskey Friends is also planning our next few tastings.

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