Ramping Up

New Items

I’m not sure it will see the light of day, but I’ve been trying to spend some time writing (in the creative style). It’s difficult.

Attended a talk on Key Financial Indicators by the Nonprofit Association of Oregon. While officially there as a member of the board of PCM I found the concepts applied to most of my projects. Money is spent in support of a goal. Tracking money spent is tracking action towards the goal. Also went to the PCM Fundraiser on Saturday evening and while I was dreading the part where I had to do some public speaking I really enjoyed the evening.

YACHT was in Portland this past week. Discussed plans for 2012.

New shareholder proposal will be presented soon. It compensates shareholders in the case of my death.

Old Items

2020.tumblr.com: Will have proposal for site update next week.

New share certificates: Will have rough draft of design next week, and we’re working on bringing the cost down.

Hollywood Theatre Event (March): I rented a film we are considering, but I’m not sure it’s the right fit.

Whiskey Friends: Sent Rye whiskeys to designer for stamps.

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