Cushioned Heel

I like to imagine the meetings between the fine men and women of Brooks Brothers and their counterparts at Keds as they emailed, had meetings, went out for drinks and meals, drank coffee, and stayed late in the board room pouring over color swatches and calling for chinese takeout.

The end result is a classic summer shoe that I can’t even wear here in Portland for another month. (Unless I take a another trip to Los Angeles.)

The texture on these reminds me of the Army-issue summer weight uniform I wore in Alabama made of ripstop. Ripstop is a fabric made of nylon that uses a special weave that is resistant to tearing. It was originally developed for parachutes.

My favorite part is the branding. Beyond the usual markings for Keds there isn’t anything on the outside that is overly showy. All the fun is left for the inside of the shoe, where they add the classic tie-stripes and the Brooks Brothers branding.

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