Brand Loyalty

In my past I have not been a fan of loyalty programs. I had a “Pay what it cost” mentality and I refused to use coffee punch cards or collect air miles. That changed in July of 2011 when my shareholders rejected that philosophy and I became more cost effective.

The use of loyalty programs has led to my development of brand loyalties. The primary manifestation has been my Alaska Airlines card and my Brooks Brothers clothes. I have accumulated more than 100,000 miles in less than a year and I’ve converted my wardrobe to 100% Brooks Brothers. But I also count myself a loyal user of Apple products, Casio watches, and I have a strong preference when renting a car for the Chrysler 200.

Today I announce a new product to gain my loyalty, Healthy Planet Whey Protein, endorsed by none other than Fabio himself.

I’ve been eating whey protein on an almost daily basis for about three months, and I’m excited to add the stern but healthy image of Fabio to part of my morning routine.

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