Products From Projects

Paul Allen’s personal media solution has been spun off as a commercial application for the iPad called Fayve. While it’s a bit too much of a circus vibe for my tastes (“that’s a UI that only Big Top Pee Wee would enjoy“) the idea of Mr. Allen using “a staff of people coming up with technologies and tools to help manage his stuff and address his challenges” is very much what we’re trying to do with the the Fully Fashioned project and the next iteration of the Romance Board, although KmikeyM operates on a much smaller scale than Allen’s Vulcan Inc.

Being a publicly traded person gives us access a wide selection of incredibly smart shareholders and with the recently passed Stock Pool proposal we have the ability to compensate development of these new initiatives.

There is also Jason Fried of 37signals who is looking to hire an iOS Prototyper (for $100,000 a year), and while the job is more of a 37signals position than working for an individual, Mr. Fried seems like the kind of person who blends personal and professional. (37signals brings up an interesting counter to this style of development being described as “new” as they took their internal tools and developed them into products.)

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