Fuck LA Fitness

Fuck LA Fitness.

I was a happy and proud member of LA Fitness for over a year. Recently I decided to stop my weekly personal training sessions. It’s been almost a month of telling me the one person who could take care of it is out, will call me back, will send me a form, and other stalling and ridiculous tactics. My advice is…

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR LA FITNESS (or any big box gym).

Eventually I got a copy of the “form” I have to physically mail in to the corporate office, and this is what it looks like:


This is the “form” I waited more than 20 days for? I have to mail it in? FUCK YOU! I post this here so that you can download it (PDF) and enter your own information and mail it in. Hopefully people will search the internet for LA Fitness Personal Training Cancellation and find this post.

You have to wonder why they make it so difficult. All the individual people I dealt with at LA Fitness were very nice. The front desk, my trainer, the people I talked to on the phone. But the corporate side is shady and unethical. Which is maybe a way to squeeze every cent they can out of people trying to better themselves, but in the end it’s a short sighted strategy that will destroy their business. The Wikipedia page about LA Fitness states:

A class action lawsuit complaint has been filed against L.A. Fitness International, LLC, alleging that L.A. Fitness respresents that it offers monthly membership contracts to its fitness and health clubs that can be cancelled at any time by following the cancellation provisions in the L.A. Fitness monthly dues membership contract, but allegedly charges members for dues after they attempt to cancel and no longer wish to use the gyms.

Today I’m mailing in my cancellation with very little expectation that this will result in any action. I anticipate a long and tedious battle to stop paying for a product I was happy about until I tried to stopped using it.

Fuck you LA Fitness.


I’m not alone.

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When I went to the post office to send the form in the postal clerk asked me if I was sending in a cancellation form and then told me I needed to do Certified Mail or they would just “lose” the form and I’d be paying for many more months.

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