The K5M 25-Share Bracket Challenge


As many shareholders know we love betting, and there is no greater gambling event in America than March Madness. So, in the spirit of Warren Buffett, who is sponsoring a billion dollar prize for a perfect bracket, we’re launching our own tournament for the shareholders.

The K5M 25 Share Bracket Challenge

We are offering a prize of 25 shares to whoever wins the K5M 25 Share Bracket Challenge. Additionally we will give one share to any bracket that beats our own best bracket!

We’ll be using the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports system with Fibonacci scoring. Everyone can set up two brackets, allowing for both an aggressive and conservative attempt. Each bracket that beats our best bracket will be awarded a share (so it’s possible to win two shares) with the exception of the winning bracket, which will receive a 25 share prize.

Sign Up Here

You will not automatically be entered into Warren Buffett’s Billion Bracket game, but you should also sign up for that in case your bracket is perfect. Just think of all the shares you could buy…

More information on the Shareholder Forums.

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