Triforce Mindphaeser (Saturday @ Trudi, LA)


Opening Saturday July 22nd, 2006 7pm
TRUDI 510 Bernard St. Los Angeles, CA 90012
“Hyper color, neon rainbows, fuzzy bleeds and sprays, heat vision, bright acid
flashes. Optic Force Trilogy traffics in saturation and over stimulation set
spinning at a frenetic speed: Speed, speed, speeding. Acid, acidic,
hallucinatory: acidic colors, acidic sounds. Distortion turns everything,
auditory and optical, into patterns and repetitions. The patterns contort,
reflect, mirror, oscillate back and forth, drift across the screen, different
ones rotate at different velocities. Colors and images flash rapidly:
Warnings, alarms, and alerts shoot through the trilogy in rapid fire. The
warnings are explicit, the cautioning exclamatory is implicit throughout.
There is some kind of scheming math and suspicious Gematria at work: 3 parts,
each made up of 3 sections, each pressed on 3 inch DVDs, each 12 minutes long
(3×4, four being the number of bars in a measure). This frenzy is deeply
ordered; it wants you to plumb its structure….”
The opening will feature projection and performance by Portland-based E*Rock. In
addition, TRUDI and fellow Bernard St. gallery/gallerist Daniel Hug, are
throwing an after party with performances by: Hurricane Nicholas (of the
Bushes), Yukon, Poison Dart, and Bobby Birdman.

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